The name Arts of Mars originates from reference to the Roman God of war, Mars, and so calls to mind all the skills and knowledge needed for war. The first specific mention in period literature was made in a book by the Duke of Newcastle from England in 1639, where he suggested that all “Gentlemen should learn the Arts of Mars”. As early as 1100 there is made mention of “masters of defence”, who taught in schools, in the major cities of Europe, some form of combat skills though we do not know which specifically. These skills of combat would be needed both for self defence and for fighting in the larger arena of the battlefield, as many people where required by law to bare arms and also be able to use them. This requirement has a long history in Europe, and went hand in hand with every day life, for those who may have had a duty to do so.

''Gentlemen should learn

the Arts of Mars''

- Duke of Newcastle from England in 1639
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Where you find us

Medieval Martial Arts every Wednesday

Wednesday 18.30 – 21.39 Ricklingen Rugby Club, Muehlenholzweg, 30459, Hannover, Germany In the club hall or on the field.

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Medieval Martial Arts every Friday

Friday 18.30 – 21.00 Bleekstraße 20, 30559 Hannover In the Waldhalle. Through the electric gate and go directly forwards for 150m with white double doors.

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What we teach


...we teach both German and Italian Longsword

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Sword and Shield

.we do Viking Era sword and shield..

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Wrestling and Dagger

..Fiore and German .

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We also teach a lot more than shown above. Not only the whole weapon system of the Viking Era which includes weapons from spear to axe, also I.33 Sword and Buckler, Silver’s back sword, Swetnams Quarterstaff, Dussack, Langesmesser from Lebkuchner to name some of them. We also can serve each one from the following flavours, martial art, re-enactment, stage fighting, or a mix.
Years Of Experience
People taught all Over the World