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Come and Visit our Training Hall

New people are always welcome. Visit any one of our training locations and take a free lesson or if you like just watch for the first time.

As a student you can choose what you want to learn though, if you are the only one learning the subject then you have to train with the instructor and some of the time he will be occupied teaching other students. Most students find dagger and wrestling fascinating as it compliments the longsword training.

You will learn amazing facts about your body and how it works. How does the positions of your left hand influence the right hand when attacking with the dagger? Why does the position of the thumb when you attack with the dagger matter?


We take most of our information from Fiore dei Liberi, an Italian master from around 1400 AD. We have found four different treatises in libraries and private collections from around the world. This means we have a lot of information to sift through, and repeats of the same technique with slightly different texts and drawings. This adds to the possibility of making accurate interpretations of the technique. We also analyse the techniques of Talhoffer, who published several books from 1443 AD until 1467 AD. These are very useful as many of these techniques are different from Fiore, so they give another insight into medieval dagger which can only increase our knowledge

We do not have set days when we study one or the other though when we look at dagger we take a thematic approach so that the student learns a root position and then everything that follows on from that logically. The only caveat being technical development. We have to return to some techniques when the student is technically capable of successfully carrying it out to a conclusion.