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Seminars and Workshops

If you are interested in a seminar or a workshop or fun day for a wedding or a company project contact us immediately. We also taught stagefighting to several amature theatres. We have previously travelled to South Africa, Singapore, USA and most of Europe to make weekend seminars and daily workshops. We will detain some of our offers below.

Weekend or Day Seminars

We have always promoted the concept of seminars in HEMA because it allows people to experience other peoples ideas other that the ones they are normally subjected to. Also some people do not have an instructor in their area and it gives an opportunity for them to get a good grounding in the subject.
Here are some of the seminars that we offer either at our club or we can travel all over the world to gave you the seminar you need. Fiore del Liberi: Longsword, dagger, wrestling, spear, single handed sword. Leichtenauer Lineage: Longsword, sword and buckler, dagger, wrestling, langesmesser. I.33 Tower Fechtbuch Sword and buckler. Viking Era: Sword and shield, axe or sax and shield, spear and shield, spear two handed [with or without dagger], Winged spear two handed, axe two handed, two swords, two axes, axe and sword, short sax and buckler, Longbow. Talhoffer: Dagger, langesmesser and wrestling. Renaissance Master: Silver Backsword, quaterstaff, and bill. Soon basic rapier as well. In each seminar we can teach up to 6 disciplines to 6 different groups so that you can combine forces with other clubs and everyone will receive what they need. Some of the above are subjects that lend themselves to one day seminars and others are best in a two day format. We can handle up to 24 people in a normal seminar or even around forty [40] people for seminars that cover only one subject. The minimum is usually 12 people though please contact us if you have problems achieving that goal, we can work something out. The standard deal is that for European seminars I pay my own travel and the host must provide a place to sleep, food and drink while I am there and travel to and from the local point of arrival if I have to use public transport. The host must provide a venue suitable for training. Each day is usually 5 hours long though we are notorious for going a bit longer. Contact us for a price.


These can be anything up to 3 hours long. Maximum number of people is 40. Only a certain aspect of a weapon can be covered in most cases, so it helps if the host knows exactly what they want to have presented. For example; The master cuts of Leichtenauer, Half shield in I.33 Sword and buckler. These can be given at events or if people live within an 2 hours of Hannover Germany. Workshops will be offered at our club from time to time, please see the website for more details.

Summer School or Camp

This is an intensive 4 day school/camp with venue where we make a deep dive into a subject or several different subjects. We will host one in 2023 or you can contact us if you would like a summer school for your group where you train. Be aware events of this type require mental and physical stamina for the people involved. If you host a camp you can pick the subjects and the schedule. Minimum of 12 people and maximum of 20. These camps take place in the summer Holiday period or just before or after.

Private Lessons

We can also provide private lessons for 1 or 2 persons either at a venue near you or at our house in our training room. Minimum of 2 hours here and three hours at a venue of your choosing. These lessons can be anything you need in any area that we cover. We specialise in correct body mechanics and finding solutions to problems people are experiencing. We also help with changing mindset from the current “fighting” to using the art to control the situation to your advantage. Contact us for prices.

Future Developments

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